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  1. reverse the charges, by Joshua Marcus
  2. moment, by Tall Tall Trees
  3. make/ believe, by Joshua Marcus
  4. You could never let us down, by Friends Of The Library
  5. Worn Out Skin, by Annabelle's Curse
  6. Where The Lore Began, by Jeremiah Tall
  7. Waking, by Jeremiah Tall
  8. Universe Mahalo: Volume #1, by Spaceship Aloha
  10. The Nashville EP, by Ocean Song Records
  11. The Maybe Boys, by Toy Soldiers
  12. The Holy Open Secret, by hoots & hellmouth
  13. The Districts - EP, by The Districts
  14. Story Of The Rifle, by Mason Porter
  15. Shame, Shame, by Dr. Dog
  16. Rip Through the Hawk Black Night, by Make A Rising
  17. Right State of Mind (2014), by Holy Ghost Tent Revival
  18. Rabbit Habits, by Man Man
  19. On All Fours, by The Pines of Rome
  20. Oil on Glass / Feather on Wood, by Lotus
  21. My Animal, by mary lynn
  22. Lotus, by Lotus
  23. Kalodi - Angel Songs, by Ocean Song Records
  24. KONG, by TJ Kong and The Atomic Bomb
  25. Infinite Ellipse and Head with Open Fontanel, by Make A Rising
  26. Hammerstrike, by Lotus
  27. Golden Age, by Grandchildren
  28. Golden Age Of Radio, by Josh Ritter
  29. From The Top Of Willamette Mountain, by Joshua James
  30. Floating Action, by Floating Action
  31. Cool Cool Cool, by The Lawsuits
  32. Casco Bay, by Bill Moriarty
  33. Born And Thrown On A Hook, by Drink Up Buttercup
  34. Beyond the Station, by Annabelle's Curse
  35. Awoken, by Bigtree Bonsai
  36. Asleep In My Shoes, by Joe D'Amico
  37. Ali Wadsworth, by Ali Wadsworth

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