Field Drops

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iOS Augmented Reality app experimenting with RealityKit for sound player interaction

This little ARKit augmented reality app was made to try:

  • using RealityKit to generate shapes instead of importing pre-made assets
  • create a sound/music player that I can interact with with trigger sounds
  • using animation subscriptions to programmatically, continually animate a RealityKit object. I didn't expect to need to do this, but I wanted the objects to continually spin during sound playback, and it seems that functionality is not built in. The animation subscription is found here

I wanted shadows on the desk from the 3D objects, but I think I only partially achieved this effect. There is a light grey circle placed on a desk under the 3D objects, and an occlusion mask applied to the 3D objects so they appear to cause something like a shadow.

This app is on the App store as "Field Drops."

Field Drops demo