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Notes from call

VR full screen

3D content in AR

  • how to get location in x,y,x?

Window ->

XR Plugin Management



If you make an object

  • and change it up

then make it a child

  • it will inherit the parameters of the

Mar 9, 2022 at 12:49:24 PM

video _Basemap

Video Player is influencing the Texture But URP Make a new Material which is Unlit Unlit means don't take into account lighting in the environment

Materials - if you drag a new material onto a Game Object, it will replace the pre-existing material.

Image Targets When it recognizes the Image

  • it Mesh Renderer
  • it enable colliders
  • it enable UI elements

2 Unity Events coded into Vuforia

  • on target found
  • on target lost

Separate Material for each video plane

  • Texture material for each video which is the first frame.

Each Material

Intro to procedural generation particle systems

family tree slightly animated can that be pre-built into a 3d model?

is there hand tracking in AR with iOS? barracuda ML learning for hand tracking with AR foundation he'd still use AR foundation

behind in the challenges can we work through one together that you think is most important to get up to speed?

ar material empty in front

zach lieberman? spanwing gameobjects based off user input as you're reading out what they are saying keep appending the UI element

onTextAdded onSpeechAdded

2 audio in handheld library .microphone activate and provide permissions transform that https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Microphone.html

how does vuforia calculate an image target



does Unity, using rotate, recalculate the rotation after 1 rotation is completed