Unsorted Unity Notes

These notes need to be edited & sorted

What is a "complicated particle system?"

Unity Vs Unreal

  • unity: larger community for helping learn
  • unity: more documentation
  • unreal: looks beautiful by default
    • has enabled by default
  • Unity: is trying to stand out by making themselves the XR development suite

shader graph for altering the mesh

  • what is meant here by shader?
  • what is meant here by graph?
  • what is meant here by mesh?

Unity Hub

  • icons under each Unity install indicates what build modules are installed for that

If you don't have "Add Modules" available, that is because you "located" that version of Unity instead of installing it

They highly recommend you go through the "roll-a-ball" tutorial:

Make full use of the Unity Community

New project

  • first choice are Render Options 3D: this is the standard render pipeline HDRP
  • use this for Desktop experiences Universal REnder pipeline
  • use this in gerneal


  • audio listener

Select a game object

  • type 'f'
  • it zooms in to that object

Shift + Option + Command + click & drag

Option + click & drag

New Game Object

  • Unity will place the object at the focus area
  • people mostly don't use transforms, they manipulate in the scene view

Unity.Mesh Renderer (Private)



Global vs Local global: what the world considers to be forward local:

hold down Command to snap in 15 degree elements

Parent -> Child relationships

If the Game Object is a child of the Parent And you edit the scale, rotation and position of the Parent, then the Child is moved proportionally.

But when you modify the Parent's rotation such as -90, the Child's rotation can still say 0, because that is its local rotation.

Pivot point is at the feet of a character. Center position is usually near their torso.

How to snap Game Object to he plane

  • hold down V

If you duplicate a Game Object, and you want to edit it, you first have to assign it a material. Otherwise, if you edit it, it effects the original gameobject which was duplicated.

Prefab Variants

A key concept https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/PrefabVariants.html

If you have too many start or awake functions, your app takes a long time to start.

REcommendations for developing VR for Uculus https://developer.oculus.com/resources/publish-quest-req/


Procedural generation




collider rigidBody

XR grab interactable


XR Interaction ToolKit Setup

Package Manager Install XR Interaction ToolKit XR Interaction Tool Kit Package > Samples > Import Starter Assets (Optional Simulator for non VR Headset Users) Project Window> Samples>XR Interaction Toolkit > 2.0.0 > Starter Assets then select the asset “XRI Default Left Controller” (as well as right) and in the Inspector click “Add to ActionBasedController default” at the top of the inspector window Edit>Project Settings>Preset Manager then type in “Right” and “Left” to the left of the appropriate Preset input field Edit>Project Settings>XR Plug-in Management and enable desired platforms In the Hierarchy window add XR> XR Origin (Action Based) Add an “Input Action Manager” Component to the XR Rig Add to the action assets list the “XRI Default Input Actions” asset

Add Grab Interactables and rigidbodies and colliders to objects you want to pick up Add Visuals for Hands by adding something into the model prefab property of each Controller component on the hands Or make them children of the controller and animate with events You can replace Line and Ray Interactors from Hands with Direct Interactors to reach out and grab objects instead of pointing and clicking

If you make a prefab

  • and make a child prefab that child will be loaded when the scene loads, and so it is ready to go instantly whenever you need it
  • so if this is a Sound, that sound will be ready to play
  • becuase Play On Awake is faster than calling Play Sound
  • s by instantiaing the Bell Sound prefab, and it has the sound which will "Play On Awake" then it'll play instantly