Breathe by Rickson Gracie

I only recently (Jul 4, 2022 at 6:54:59 PM) learned about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Rickson Gracie. I first heard his interview on Joe Rogan's podcast, then picked up this book from the library to bring on vacation.

Started and finished in 1 day! An easy and enjoyable book. I must have read this in July, 2022.

Before the book, I was trying to google to learn about the varying Gracie, and other BJJ school lineages. Was this a family split? Were they individual styles with different emphasis? This book had a good section explaining that yes, it was an unintended family divergence that led to multiple Gracie schools. This did not make it sound as dramatic as an unreconcilable rift, but more of a branching when someone didn't want to abide by another family member's rules.

My takeaway quotes:

Everything had been theoretical up to now, but now I was faced with new realities. My first vale todo fight taught me that that sometimes you don’t break physically ,but emotionally. Although I was already physically and mentally confident, I wasn’t spiritually and emotionally confident. If you don’t have the spiritual connection, you can’t dance on the razor’s edge. I made a vow to myself that from that day forward I would always try to cross the river no matter the consequences. This made a huge difference, not just in my fighting career, but in the way I looked at life. Moving forward, if I committed to something, I was resigned to the outcome no matter what it might be.

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