Advice for Artists

Here are some collected quotes, thoughts, and advice from artists whose work I respect.

Be a good person, do dope things, and remember to enjoy it all. None of us make it out alive.

  • DJ Muggs

I prefer to shoot the arrow, then paint the target around it. You make the niches in which you finally reside.

  • Brian Eno

Music is just something interesting to do with the air.

  • Tom Waits

Make something that speaks to yourselves. And, hopefully someone else will like it, but you can't second guess your own taste for what someone else is going to like... it won't be good. We're not smart enough to know what someone else is going to like. "Well, I don't really like it but I think this group of people will like it...." it's a bad way to play the game of music or art. You have to do what's personal to you, take it as far as you can go, really push the boundaries, and people will resonate with it if they're supposed to resonate with it. But, you can't get there the other way. The other way is a dead end path. What makes it great is the personal, with all of its imperfections and quirkiness. However you see the world, that's different from how everyone else sees the world - that's why you're an artist. That's your purpose in sharing your work with the world.

  • Rick Rubin