Hello. I spend most of my daytime working as a software developer focusing on augmented reality, and machine learning.
I studied computer science and software design at Temple University.

I have made a lot of recordings as a record producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and sometimes a musician. You may have even heard some of them.

Old podcast interviewing people changing careers into tech:

My partner is an artist & UX designer.
We are the parents of one kid.

I spend a lot of time volunteering with The Wisdom Seat: a group of Buddhist teachers and practitioners who host spiritual teachers, sponsor meditation retreats and offer support to people on the Buddhist path.
The Wisdom Seat

Recording was my first love. At age 13 I got a guitar and a 4 track recorder. I have been making recordings as long as I’ve been around music.

Hear my own music here ///️

I will keep playing with recording until I’m dead 💀💀💀

I have written some articles for one of my favorite magazines: TapeOp️ ///️


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