Hello. I work as software developer & research associate focusing on augmented reality and virtual reality in the GT Applied Research team.

Trying out Mastodon

I studied computer science and software design at Temple University.

I have made a lot of recordings as a record producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and sometimes a musician. You may have even heard some of them.

Old podcast interviewing people changing careers into tech: https://anchor.fm/possible-paths

My partner is an artist & UX designer.

We are the parents of one kid.

I spend a lot of time volunteering with The Wisdom Seat: a group of Buddhist teachers and practitioners who host spiritual teachers, sponsor meditation retreats and offer support to people on the Buddhist path.

The Wisdom Seat https://thewisdomseat.org

Podcast for The Wisdom Seat https://anchor.fm/the-wisdom-seat

Recording was my first love. At age 13 I got a guitar and a 4 track recorder. I have been making recordings as long as I’ve been around music.

Hear my own music here ///️ https://open.spotify.com/artist/1eIs7Nuo5VeloBHoYr9fAB?si=H2TkGmQxSniZV_Wsii3Bag https://billmoriarty.bandcamp.com

I will keep playing with recording until I’m dead 💀💀💀

I have written some articles for one of my favorite magazines: TapeOp️ https://tapeop.com/searches/194699/


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