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Here are the albums I made as some combination of recording engineer / mixing engineer / producer.

The Lawsuits “Dreaming #26”
This was one of the last albums I truly produced front to back with the band. I loved this song and had a wonderful time getting to write clarinet parts with a member of the band who was one of those rare people who can make many instruments sound great.

Dr. Dog “Shadow People”

Everything Is Fine “Mr. Ghostly”
One of my favorite recordings I got to make. This was made before I had much skill or knew what I was doing. I think that's why it's so good. I was just trying to get the recording to sound like how the band sounded in front of me. They played live and sang into amps with the reverb turned on. As I recall, I surrounded them with snare drums on the floor so they'd rattle and sound interesting.