This allows a Game Object to

  • fall with gravity
  • have mass
  • have drag
  • have velocity

The Game Object must also have a Collider attached.


Affects how collisions are treated. They react less with a higher mass.


Affects how quickly the object will slow down without other interactions.

think of it like air resistance. The rate of loss of linear velocity.

Angular Drag

How fast it will slow its rotation.

Use Gravity

  • click this to enable gravity
  • this is a 3D vector
  • Edit -> Projects Settings -> Gravity

Is Kinematic

  • whether or not a rigid body will react to physics
  • if it Is Kinematic
    • this uses less compute
    • does not require the Physics Engine to reevaluate the entire scene
  • you can move these objects with Transforms
  • constraints
    • Freeze Position
    • Freeze Rotation

At the start of a scene, the physics engine checks the state of all static objects.

If an object Is Kinematic

  • it informs the game engine of its location If na object is not Kinematic
  • the game engine evaluates and dictates where the object should be

Use the Interpolate setting to smooth jitter based on the prior frame Use the Extrapolate setting to smooth jitter based on the predicted frame