Learning Software Development and How To Help our Adaptation to Climate Change

philly blues

A couple years ago I started to get the itch that I wanted to do something else with my life in addition to producing records & making music. At that point I had made many, many records and realized I had gotten a little bored with how I was making records.

I had always been a freelancer and this timing coincided with my wife & I having to make some real choices about our careers going forward. At that time our daughter was 3 and it was clear that two freelance incomes wasn’t going to cut it. My wife found a difficult, steady job and we decided I should finally go to college, earn a bachelor’s degree and find something steady in addition to freelance record production. I had alway wanted to know how to make software and I was becoming increasingly interested in helping with our collective adaptation to the changing climate. So I enrolled at community college of Philadelphia and majored in computer science. I will admit I did not realize computer science is mostly mathematics. I hadn’t done math since failing pre-calc in high school… so learning math again (basics through calculus 2 and discrete math) took a lot of time and late nights and yerba mate and study groups and bouts of “what the hell am I doing?!” to get through. In hindsight, I would recommend taking the free online course Learning How To Learn, getting a study group, and taking all math classes in person (if at CCP, go with Professor Jernigan).

But now, I have spent two years learning software development in Java, database design, and now I’m learning python & swift. Also studying javascript, MySQL, GIS… the list keeps lengthening.

And how does this play into helping with climate change adaptation?

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