if I had the flu today…

When I get stressed due to overloading myself with projects and commitments, I end up using this quick filter to figure out what’s really important to me. I ask myself: if I was really sick today, what would I do?

Today, I am looking at…
1. a phone tonight call at 8pm that I’m unprepared for
2. an Android project that is a bit past due
3. two sets of discrete math linear algebra assignments due today
4. a C programming assignment due tomorrow

I asked myself: “Ok, if I had the flu today, which of these could I postpone or simply not do? Are any of them crucial?”

1 . The phone call: I can postpone that to next Sunday. We had planned this call a bit ago, but she’s an understanding person and will help out.

2. The android project: I have an A in this class, so I can afford to skip this one assignment, but the concept we’re working on (Fragments) is crucial to every other app I’ll build. So, I do need to make time this week to really understand Fragments, but that doesn’t mean I have to do it today.

3. Two sets of discrete math linear algebra assignments: same thing as above. I’m doing well in this class, and we’re allowed to drop 3 assignments. This would be costly since I’d be dropping 2 of my 3, and I must understand the concepts going forward, but they aren’t crucial today, so they can wait.

4. The C programming assignment: This is due tomorrow and feels like the most important and urgent. I’m halfway done already, and I don’t want it hanging over my head after tomorrow.
I’ll likely have trouble with some of the logic in the 23 methods we’re writing, so getting as much done ahead of the due date is a wise idea. So, of all my projects, this is the only one that I would work on today even if I was sick.

So! Thankfully, I’m not actually sick and I can still apply this thinking and get myself down to just one priority: the C programming assignment.

So why did I just spend 15 minutes writing this post instead of C code… 😃
My ideas only become clear to me when I can write them out.
be well,

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