You Need Someone Else to Point Out Your Skills

(a photo from my trip to Belize)

I have been writing some resumes and cover letters for myself lately. Then I asked my wife to write one for me and I was surprised by the skills she listed. “Those aren’t skills,” I thought.

Then I was hanging out with a close friend who is unhappy with his current career. We started talking about what he’d like to do next and he said he had lost so many skills that he wasn’t even viable at the moment. I started to tell him that he knows everyone in the city, remembers everybody, actually keeps up with what everyone is doing, volunteers his time to help at the seemingly hundreds of events he attends, and is trusted by diverse people all over this city. He said: “that’s not a skill.”

This made me realize that is takes someone outside of yourself, who is close to you, to point out the skills you have that you are blind to. Maybe these skills are so intuitive to you that you assume everyone has them. Or maybe you don’t even realize they are useful to other people.

Be well.

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