I make songs & my Dad makes walls

When we moved into Waking Studio it had been occupied for a few years by 2 rap producers. They stopped paying rent and the landlord kicked them out. That’s why the studio became available for me to slide in. All their stuff was still in the studio when I toured it. They had these two lounges filled with couches, TVs, and video games. I set up my drums in their recording booths and they sounded awful. Awful. Once the black leather couches and old big TVs were removed I setup the drums in their “lounge” and it sounded fantastic! I couldn’t believe how lively these rooms were. My father and his friend Tom came down and we built a new wall to block the lounge (now my drum room) off from the kitchen. The lesser rap producer’s TV room became my piano and acoustic guitar room. We use their recording booths sometimes, but these two former lounges sound fantastic. Live and exciting.
Oh, and since they finished the wall by 11am they very kindly ripped out the bathroom’s old toilet and sink and put in a new modern one and built a kitchen sink and cabinet. Very skilled gentlemen.

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