Redesigning my site by hand

Hi all. Since I just finished my semester which included taking my first client side web scripting class, I’ve decided to redesign my personal site as an ongoing project. So far it has been in WordPress but I am now doing it by hand with html and css. I’m not sure if the blog part will remain WordPress or if I will make that, too.

Today I am learning: Angular, JSON, AJAX, and jQuery

Studying for my operating systems midterm tomorrow.

We are beginning to learn about web sockets in operating systems class, and we’re working with web api calls in web-scripting class.

Working on pipe ‘|’ and wait() for Linux shells 🍽️

Today I am trying to finish up my Linux shell. I am looking through the functions I wrote to determine where I need to use the wait() or waitpid() command. As I understand it, if a function is using a pipe ‘|’ then the parent process which is reading from the pipe should be told to wait for its child process which is feeding into the pipe. That makes sense. If you’re a waiter, you need to wait for the food to be put on a plate before you go and try to bring it to a patron. 🍽️

Refreshing myself on how to do MySQL statements. We’re learning some server side code and creating databases for web scripting class. This is helpful since I want to create a web based business soon.

Trying to stay focused on writing my linux shell, while being much more interested in writing for my growing newsletter about changing careers into tech/web/programming. Email me here if that’s interesting to you